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Videa Moto Guzzi California 2002 Moto Guzzi Stone Metal Chrome.3gp

2002 Moto Guzzi Stone Metal Chrome.3gp

This is my 2002 Moto Guzzi California Stone Metal "Chrome". This is supposedly one of only 44 of this particular model imported to the United States. So, for all I know, it's one of the only ones in the northeast. Video from East Hampton, CT by Wilfred Santos, expert Moto Guzzi mechanic. Minor modifications have been done, including a K&N Air Filter, Magnecor Racing Spark Plug Wires (USA) with Iridium NGK Spark Plugs, H-Pipe (Italy), Custom Epco (USA) exhaust, powdercoated valve covers with fin gards, crash bar with highway pegs (Hepco & Becker), F-16 Windshield (USA), Pro-Moto Italian Gel Hand Grips, Throttlemeister Cruise Control and weighted machined handlebar ends (USA), Italian back-rest with Italian made chrome grab rails. This is after all fluids have been changed, valves adjusted, and exhaust re-mounted. These bikes are so much fun to drive, it's like having a horse in between your legs with the temperament of a stallion. Unique sounding, with a feel like no other motorcycle. Thanks for watching, enjoy!

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