Video - Ducati GT 1000 (2006 STOCK)

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Ducati GT 1000 (2006 STOCK)

A brief video of my recently purchased 2006 green gray GT 1000 with only 0.200 kilometers! The Ducati Sport Classics are some of the most beautiful series of bikes ever produced by a major brand in the recent years, and It's a pity they don't make them anymore. The Guzzi V7 and the Triumph Bonneville come to mind also, but I think neither of them deliver the true performance power of the Ducati on a twisty road. My dream would be to have also a Paul Smart or Sport 1000 SE but damn I'd need to get rich before! lol Thank you for watching and don't hesitate on asking me anything related to this model. Some of you may want to purchase one (though not mine, sorry ). Peace.

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