Video - Moto Guzzi Ballabio among Tokyo traffic

Videa Moto Guzzi Bellagio Moto Guzzi Ballabio among Tokyo traffic

Moto Guzzi Ballabio among Tokyo traffic

Moto Guzzi Ballabio V11 and Tokyo morning traffic. Video taken with Nokia N93. There are lots of scooters and bikes in Tokyo, and the traffic is "good" for biking. You can see bike curiers everywhere. Yet it took some years before I finally started riding in Tokyo. Almost 20 years break in motorbike riding So far done with no crash, no accident. Wish me luck I try to ride every day. That helps me to keep the right attitude, not to make stunts. In Japan scooters have sometimes their own line next to the car lanes, and at the traffic light there is often space in front of the cars for 2-wheeled vehicles. So when the car traffic stops on those streets, scooters and bikes may pass by the cars and wait the traffic lights to leave first. Much faster to go by bike than by car. By car this trip has taken 45 minutes some moring, though early Sunday mornig just 15 minutes. By train and on foot, 30 minutes, by bike, after learing to take the right traffic lights, it is just 15 minutes (+ the dressing. .

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