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Moto Guzzi breva then and now

The love of my life my wonderful Moto Guzzi Breva built by loving and skilled Italian friends many trips ot Italy we made together and friendships forged that will never break then she cries out in pain and I take her to a specialist and I never see her again 2 years I listen to his excuses and lies, we have a few man to man talks and he knows that this is something special between me and my bike I give him time to finish the work and yet again he fails so I take strong young helpers adn bring her home now she sits in many pieces adn the man who lied will now pay more than she is worth to have her lovingly rebuilt if I cannot find a man who I can trust then I shall clear my workshop and put her back to how she was she looked after me whne i was ill and took me many places through good weather and bad as sure footed as a mountain goat from Basle to Gloucestershire in one long canter non stop but for food breaks and ferry try that on any other motorcycle Bella I am sorry I should have grabbed the man and held him against the wall till he flet the pain you feel

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