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Moto Guzzi Cardellino in Denmark

This is my 1956, Moto guzzi Cardellino, 65cc which I bought in 2009. I have very little mechanical knowledge but have totally restored this motorcycle bit by bit. If I can do it anyone can. What started as a challenge has ended up a labour of love. It is now an extremely rare bike and in this condition they are almost impossible to find. I have learnt so much by restoring this bike. My tips are, Start Small. Choose a small bike as they are not so intimidating. Do research before you choose a bike, can you get spare parts and manuals easily, is there an owners club that can help with advice. I did no research, there are no owners clubs for my bike, parts are very hard to find and all literature is in Italian or Spanish, which I do not speak. Don`t make my mistake. Take 1000s of photos before you start and 1000s as you take the bike to pieces or you will forget how it goes back together. You are paying for it, take advice from anywhere you can get it BUT you make the decisions that you want. If you get frustrated or fed up of seeing the bike just leave it for a few weeks. Mine has taken 2 years to get to this stage. Study the history of the bike, it has given me a lot of pleasure. I am now in regular contact with the son of the guy who first sold my bike from his store in Desio near Milan in 1956. The sons hobby is restoring Moto Guzzis. Don`t be afraid, you will soon convince yourself you are capable of restoring an old motorcycle. I did :

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