Video - Motorradtreff-Kaiserberg, Duisburg am Sonntag 01

Videa Moto Guzzi V 75 Motorradtreff-Kaiserberg, Duisburg am Sonntag 01

Motorradtreff-Kaiserberg, Duisburg am Sonntag 01

Motorradtreff Kaiserberg in Duisburg, Ruhrgebiet, Germany - am Sonntag 28.06.09. Und Elvis war auch da. On the western edge of the Ruhrgebiet, specifically in Duisburg, the city with the largest inland port in Europe, held for more than thirty years of the Sunday event instead! An event, the weather, usually have plenty of men in the compound nervousnes offset! People meet with like-minded to think about tire sizes and Sound from the exhaust to talk about. The Guild of the bikers is then among themselves. In the Duisburg suburb Duissern stood up in the twenties of the last century into the Schnabelhuck, Duissernscheberg. The last extension of the right bank slate mountains. This point was marked to the historian Middle Ages into the frontier between the Merovingian kingdom of the Franks and the Kingdom of the Saxons. This hill now, was the construction of the railway around 1846 cut off and the remainder of the Schnabelhucks, was joined by the Duisburger as "Sauerbraten" means. The construction of The Autobahn 1936 was also sad that the rest of the former hill from the original by 75 meters above sea level! At the Council was "Duissernsche Berg" 1881 in "Kaiserberg renamed! Today this area is on the "Zoo Duisburg! And this at a parking lot of the Zoo, there are Sundays the "Friends of the fast forward on two wheels drive" one! Biker on new German called. Was formerly the Motorradfahren the less affluent who betrays the English borrowed the word now commonly used, the ...

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