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Quick Rides: 2009 Moto Guzzi V7 Classic

The V7 Classic was born during rather brief Aprilia years, when the Aprilia design team put their touch on a few new models in the Guzzi line up. Its basically a restyled Breva, and the result is a handsome, comfortable motorcycle that that pays tribute to the Guzzi heritage. Aprilia updated the Bevas two-valve 750cc engine, with fuel injection being the most significant improvement. This motor's lineage is directly connected to the iconic, air-cooled V twin that Guzzi has been producing for decades, unlike some modern classics on the market today. I'd describe the whole riding experience as relaxed, mild even, but not boring. This bike is very well behaved thanks to its linear power delivery, with plenty of mid-range grunt, and the suspension is well sorted. And then theres that beautiful exhaust note, which you can enjoy at real-world speeds. Even if you do ratchet things up a notch or two and take the bike for a spirited ride, the V7 Classic takes it all in stride. The Brembo brakes do a good job of shaving off the speed. To sum things up, the V7 Classic is fun and easy to ride. It will appeal to those who appreciate a classic look without the hassle of maintaining a classic bike. The engine delivers power in a predictable, linear way, and the ergonomics are relaxed and comfortable. This Guzzi is about classic looks and a pleasant riding experience, and I give it high marks for delivering both in a handsome well-made motorcycle.

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